Welcome to Lune Rinjani Official website,  We Are Originally Sasak Community In Senaru Bayan North Lombok Indonesia Worked Become Trekking agency to Mount Rinjani In Lombok Indonesia,  And Offers All The Trekking Package in Mount Rinjani Following Your Program You Will Requested on our company and Shared All Rinjani Trekking Information, With Absolutely Real info About What You Have To Bring And How Heavy The Trek And The Meal Serviced On The Mountain During Your Expeditions.
All we will Explanations via email and we has listed on the website.

Lune Rinjani has strong commitments to give you excellent service,  great trekking equipment with high brand Lafuma, Spoons sleeping matters,  pillow,  trekking Chair and private toilet tent. With much options of food and much hot drink, soft Drink. But Lune Rinjani doesn’t not provide alcohol on the trek cause we doesn’t want the member members got accidents on the trip cause drunk.

Lune Rinjani First Aid.

Do not worry about First Aid Our Trekking Team Has Bring First Aid every hike the mount Rinjani, bandits,  Flaster, and completely local medications For minor injuries and minor illness, also the team are known some of The leaves that can be Treatment naturally.

We decided to organizer your trip for planting tree and removed the garbage with the team to keep Rinjani stay clean, not the only picture and print your foot as your memory please planting a tree being your memory and with honest think to plant tree for future, for team future and trekker lovers future.


Around Rinjani Mountain

hiking rinjani Mount Rinjani is the one source of livelihoods for the people of northern lombok and eastern Lombok, since 2013 more and more people from another placed come to Senaru and Sembalun villages for joined working as porter and trekking guide. Government has been registered as a porter 2000 person, and all of them they are originally local person from north Lombok Senaru, east Lombok Sembalun, central and south lombok. populations growth and global trem makes a so much unemployment in mang regions around lombok island. Sadly not….!!!!?

Growth in word populations, definitely need more job to support his family. If he couden’t fund the job that can be wrong turn for the communities. So here we are tray to shared the job for the local community in lombok. Hopefully they are definitely happiness and find life more better and get good job to all visitor.

Tree For Future

planting tree on trekking rinjani Planting trees in the national park area during your trip Mt’ Rinjani While trekkers are becoming more and more concerned with the earth issues of the environment on earth, we have decided to organize a program eco-safety the environment to reduce global warming, to bring a positive impact on the mountain volcano were amazing.

The aim is not only to reach the top, the lake Segara Anak, craters Mount Rinjani, but also to offset the carbon emissions due to air travel and leave a positive impact on the mountain by planting a tree at the beginning of the trip. Every year, more than 20,000 international and local trekkers tackle the slopes of Rinjani. If all of them will take a few minutes to plant a tree on the way to the caldera, in a few decades, this could make a big change and something that is expected for a future life on earth.

What Is Day For Earth?

The current global warming is not an issue anymore. However it was felt by inhabitants of the earth. Some of the negative impact has also been felt by humans. Such as increased temperatures, extreme weather events, natural disasters, storms and hurricanes that hit several areas. Prediction scientists “say that these conditions will continue and be felt by the inhabitants of the earth if global warming continues to increase, we certainly do not want the terrible disaster that happened is not it? Actually, a lot of things we can do to contribute to overcome the events of global warming.

There is no need to think about – things great. just start with the little things that have a major impact. From whichever source of global warming, of course you yourself already know, and now we are thinking how to deal with it, before it’s too late. plant a tree this is the one solutions for next days for future.

Rinjani Trekking Packages

hiking mount rinjani

Lune Rinjani trekking program Zero trash and the team will bring back the garbage to the bottom maximum 10 kg/porter to keeping Rinjani stay clean, and we hah well top program to stop global warming planting tree for future. Our priority is environmental protected. This program is useful for the human and wild life.

Lune Rinjani trekking agency offered is much type our package as private and sharing package, and prepared program for beginner trekkers and for professional trekkers, and for the beginner trekkers is available to joined us at 2 days 1night and for more enjoyable can joined our program in 4 days 3 nights trekking program. 4 days 3 nights program this program is very suitable for beginner trekker and professional trekker.

Detail information Mt Rinjani trekking packages and tours please visit our package links or email us.