4D-3N Senaru - Lake - Summit Rinjani

Rinjani trekking program starting from Senaru circuit and ending in Sembalun Villages.
This program is more enjoyable, relaxing and best for beginner, great options for honeymoon.

This tour will bring you to. Senaru village- Senaru Crater Rim- Segara Anak Lakes, Sembalun Crater Rim, Mount Rinjani Summit 3726 and Sembalun Village.

summit rinjani

Day 1
After breakfasts around 6.30-8.00am in the fresh morning, Our trekking team, our mountain car is ready to transfer us to rinjani trek center (RTC) registration and ticket to national park mount rinjani. the first 30 minute we walking are in the open views, and green plant of Coffee tree, Avocado, Cacau, Fanilla and a many others of the plants belong to the local peoples in Senaru can be seen, we pass walk 30-40 minute then we reach the gate of the tropical rain forest, short break for 8 to 10 minute for takes first picture. After Take a Photo Graphs then we continue our journey through the green forest where we will shadowing by the suny.

Walking in the humid temperatures and its will protecting us from the sunshine, a long the way up we will see and finding many biggest trees, sound of the animal monkey black/brown monkey can be see and hearing. The sound of the nature in to the forest will make your mind lost and find your own soul. After walked Three hours then we will reach pos 2(1.500m) it called pos (Montong Sates) where the place we can doing rest and lay down to recover our energy while waiting for our trekking team, guide and porter prepare soft drinks crackers and fresh fruits, banana, pineapple will be serve here.

After heaving rest 15 minutes It’s time to go now!, we still in the midhel of the tropical rain forest, to get to pos 3 (three) Approximately 2 hours and during the trips we will find and seen the local strawberry it growing long the way ( June, July, August it season), two hours approximately we past pos 2 then we arrive at pos Three (2.000m) which called (Mendoakan Lokak) where our porter and guide will cooked for our lunch here fresh fruits and biscuits snack will be serve here.

Bewarna here ! here there many brown monkey live here some time they will stealing your small backpack so make sure don’t leave it a way from your side. After 1,5 hours have rest here then we will continue our journey to Senaru Crater Rim (2.641m) first 25 minute we pass the Mondokan Lokak then out from the tropical rain forest so we walk on the Savanna hills with open views then the trail quite steep and dusty but the beautiful scenery Can be saw here of the 40% over Senaru village taking break we called CEMARA LIMA and then we go further to Pelawangan 1 Senaru Crater Rim (2.641m) About one hour to get there camping, over night with own dinner here. The trail are rocky and quit steep up, and you will find great moment of your life from senaru Rim views: -Spectacular sunset over the 3 Gilis island and mountain Agung in Bali – Sun rise from next to the valley of mt. Sanggka Reyang – Smoke that throughout hole of New volcano or gunung baru jari in the midhel of blue Lake Segara Anak -Peak of Rinjani mountain 3.726m – Best sleep under the star And here is best place to see milky way star in dark night.

After breakfast and enjoying the sunrise, trekking guide will briefing about the route down to lake, cause same part here is dangers and narrow. After briefing end. We star our journey to exploring the lake decent down to Segara Anak lakes 2008 m, walking time about 2 and half hours.

This route is quite steep down and slippery, then you have to be careful don’t try to go head and far way from your trekking guide.

Please wait instruction from your trekking guide and stay close with them or the porters, ask help to hold your hand just incase and make sure that your step on the right way, a long they way down the beautiful scenery in front of you more down and more exciting to see taken the picture of baby volcano, if you would like to take some picture you have to stop and chek the place to put you foot, This part is much lost rocky.

Finally after 2 hours down from the crater Rim, then you will arrive at the lake the place where you can do full relaxing, hot spring just next 10 minute walk from the lake, where you can soak in healing your skin as medicine and natural hot spa, have lunch by the lake free leisure time swimming, fishing with local people on the lake dinner and over night here.

DAY 3:
Breakfast, we will explore and enjoy the lake with the option to do some fishing and swimming.
After lunch, we will keep going in our journey at the day 3 to Sembalun crater rim, this trail up and down and the last 2,5 hours walk you have to be carefully there are some part of the trail is quite steep up and dangerous make sure that your step on the right way before move to the next step.

Climbing to Sembalun ream approximately 3 hours from lake segara anak. At camping site in Sembalun Crater Rim we will enjoy the sunset and the incredible view of the Lake, Rinjani summit and Sembalun village We Have to camp overnight with own dinner here. don’t forget night live time for milky way star is absolutly amazing to see and brilliant photograps. And this great moment in houl your life.

DAY 4:
We will wake up at 02:30 am an usual time but, it the way for not missing the sun rise, and have a light breakfast, at 02:300 am start the trek for heading to the Rinjani summit (3672 m). Walking time around 3 hrs and 30 minutes. The 1st stage is a moderate climb for 2 hours, while the 2nd stage is a fairly easy but long trek. The last hour is very steep and difficult (there are many loose stones, and as you take two steps forward, you will slip one step back). At the summit mt rinjani you will feel pround feeling, memorable and absolutely satisfactions. It’s really hardest but it’s so worth it, you will lost mind and feeling find your own soul, and feeling in heavenly.

From the Summit of Mount Rinjani. You will see all of Lombok island, Bali, Mountain tambora in Sumbawa and Segara Anak lake. After sunrise some hot drink and chocklate bar we will go down to the Sembalun crater rim and have breakfast. After breakfast and a rest, we will continue to decent down to Sembalun village,

Walking time 4-5 hours, have some lunch on the pos 3 or 2 and will arrive in Sembalun village(1.150m) at noon time ,our car waiting here transferring us to senaru village take your luggage and transfers to your next destination (Gilis, Senggigi or Mataram) end of service.

☆ Pick up and transfers back to next destination by private care.
☆ A night accommodation in Senaru/
Sembalun before the trek,
☆ Speaking Trekking guide
☆ Friendly Porters
☆ Fresh and clean food during the trek, and food options by menus
☆ Drinking water on the trek 3 liter per day per person
☆ Camping tent,
☆ Toilet tent,
☆ Sleeping bags.
☆ Mattress and fellows
☆ Entrance fee ticket to national park
☆ Trekking certificate (on request)
☆ Fresh fruit
☆ Plastic for garbage
☆ Biscuit During the trek
☆ Soft drink on private tour
☆ Completly hot drink for mountain cold weather.
☆ Small tree.
☆Free tour to waterfalls sindang gile & Tiu kelep in north lombok before Trekking