How To Plan Your Epic Mount rinjani trekking Expeditions

The Sunrise From The Top Mt rinjani 3,726 above sea level.

Mt Rinjani trek Tours is not only for noviced trekkers or casual traveller. But if you are ready for an epic 2 day 1 Night – 3 day 2 or 4 day 3 night trekking Program to the Summit Mount rinjani Of the second towers volcanic peak in Indonesia With Highest 3,726 and here are the mount rinjani information You have to known before you do the trek.

Top mount rinjani Lombok Indonesia is the first destination for all Trekkers.

Mount rinjani is available to see from anywhere in Lombok island. But sometimes you will seen like mostly cloudy Mountain And You will thinking Will raining, But there’s is not. Cause the feet of mount rinjani Are Kind Of rain forest and Of cours will look rain everyday, but on Rinjani Crater as Senaru Crater and sembalun Carter in 2641 mtr The mount rinjani Always cleared, and in rain season In morning all will open views and you will able to see the pretty scenery from all the crater rim.

Beginning Of July 2018. The Government has inaugurated the increase of entry ticket to mountain rinjani become 150.000 Idr / Day per trekker And also Stop The Climbers Will Do the Ascent By Own Without Booked the package, because it’s turning off the economi society and reduce state taxes.

Trek conditions:
Sembalun Lawang – Crater Rim Sembalun: Gentle walk/hike
Crater Rim Sembalun – Summit: Extra careful, hard trek (fully guided – going up)
Summit – Crater Rim Sembalun: Extra carefully (fully guided – going down)
Crater Rim Sembalun – Lake: Extra carefully, steep and rocky (fully guided – going down)
Lake area – Hot springs: Relax, swim or fishing at the lake
Lake – Crater Rim Senaru: Extra carefully steep and rocky (fully guided – going up)
Crater Rim Senaru – RTC: Gentle walk, easy, beautiful panorama
Summit (top), Segara Anak Lake (crater), Hot Springs, Caves, Rim/Base camp, Panorama along the route, wildlife, flora and fauna.
We Are The association of the Rinjani trekking guide, Tour Operated Indonesia By Eco Friendly Service and Great Rinjani Trekking Company In lombok Indonesia.
We Offers Tour Lombok And Mount Rinjani Trekking Package To Exploring the Majestic Volcanic And Magic Scenic Of Mount Rinjani. We Are reliable Trekking Company And Offered With Eco-friendly Services With Reasonable Rate Of The Trekking Package. Our Company Has listed On TripAdvisor and Has Licencid By Official National Park Mount Rinjani.
Lune Rinjani Is Eco-friendly trek organizers In North Lombok Indonesia In Senaru Villages Near Sindang Gili Waterfalls 800 Mtr From National park Gate. Surly’ Lune Rinjani Always Available To Arrange Your Dream Planing For Trekking In Mount Rinjani During Our Government Opened The National Park Mt Rinjani For trekking.
This Tour Program Full Organized Combination For healthy People, We Do not Allowed The Fobia Person To Joined, And Available to Join In Our Another Tour Program.
Before you join the Trek Must To check your Own Health Or Your conditions.

Lune Rinjani.?
We Not Only Offers The Trekking. Our Mission is Truly Love To help For The Nature To keep Rinjani Stay Clean From The Waste, We Educate Our Rinjani Trekking Team With Eco Friendly To Remove The Garbage In Mount Rinjani And Bring Back To The Bottoms to Senaru And Sembalun maximum 5 kg per porter 2 kg for Visitors, and we had Strong Partnership With Eco-Green To plans A tree At National Park While Climbing Mount Rinjani and Tray To Keep the Nature Green keep Stay Beauty And Keep The possibleFresh Air For Next Future.
There’s Our Additional Program For Every Trekkers To Plant A Tree At National park for future, Being Your Extra Moment To keep national park green And Clean That Is Our Dream And Dreaming Tourism A world.
National Park. Most Popular To Visited in Indonesia
Mountain Type: Vocano Active” Mount Rinjani Is the Second Tower in Indonesia, 3726 mtr Above Sea Level , Aftert mount Krinci, and Mt Rinjani Is the one of the most impressive Massively With The Blue Lake Segara Anak and Has Become The First Destination For Tourism Since 1981, And has Protected By National park Since 1997 and Become Global word Geopark Since 2014, The Beauty Of mount rinjani In Lake Segara anak 2100 MTR and top 3726 MTR above sea level.

Mount rinjani is the sacred mountain for the hindunesee people and for the people in Lombok, for the hindunesee people they are believe thousands of God staying at the baby volcano and in blue lake Segara Anak, Usually the hindunesee people from Lombok and Bali Island they are make Special Ritual mulang Pekelem Every Years in October They Do The Ritual Mulang Pekelem In Full Moon Night.
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