Mount Rinjani National Park

National park mount rinjani in Lombok island have a wide 40.000 hectare, Mount rinjani surrounded tropical rain forest is populated various kinds of animal and mach types orchids flowers. National park is the one of biggest rain forest on the Lombok island which stores the spring water all people leaving Lombok island as for drinking water, for farmer and cattle as cows, horses, goats, buffalo and another animal. The biggest rain forest in national park mount rinjani positively impact for all the work communities with the ability to store water in a number of stout capable of flowing much waterfalls in in Lombok as sindang gile waterfalls, tiu kelep waterfalls and 11 waterfalls more in the Lombok island and all the waterfalls from spring water produced from the rain forest in national park in Lombok.


Mount rinjani is protected by national park sine 1997, rinjani is the one of mount volcano with impressive massive with the blue lake segara anak, and the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia 3,726 mtr. Segara anak lake Is cooling prevent volcano ignitions, in the lake segara anak there are tow type of fish can live and eat much sulphur from the new volcanic or gunung baru jari. New volcanic is 4 time erupted in recorder by trekking guide and national park rangers, the first eruptions in 1994 this eruptions is quite big and the dusty till java island, second eruptions in 2000 this was small eruptions not make big larva, new volcano has been eruptions at the year 1994,2000, 2019-2010,2015-2016 and status the new volano in 2016 still warm from the eruption.

Mount rinjani for the hinduneese is the holy volcano and the believe there.s the place for god or dewa, and for the Lombok people mount rinjani is sacred mountain. The believe the rinjani is the house the Queen of jinny dewi anjani as the story of mount rinjani in 3 century years go..

Tree lost 35%, Animal 45% Cleaning much lest 85%. Warning for all trekker no tips for porter and guide if not bring trash down to the bottom.