mount Tambora Trekking

Mount Tambora is a functioning stratovolcano, otherwise called a composite spring of gushing lava, on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Sumbawa is flanked both toward the north and south by maritime covering, and Tambora was shaped by the dynamic subduction zone underneath it.

This raised Mount Tambora as high as 4,300 m (14,100 ft), making it once one of the tallest crests in the Indonesian archipelago.

After a substantial magma chamber inside the mountain filled through the span of a very long while, volcanic movement achieved a noteworthy peak in the super-giant ejection of April 1815. The 1815 ejection is evaluated 7 on the Volcanic Explosivity List, the main such emission since the Lake Taupo ejection in around 180 Advertisement.

With an expected ejecta volume of 160 cubic kilometers, Tambora’s 1815 upheaval was the biggest volcanic emission in written history.

The blast was heard on Sumatra island (in excess of 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away). Overwhelming volcanic cinder falls were seen as far away as Borneo, Sulawesi, Java and Maluku islands.

Most passings from the emission were from starvation and malady, as the eruptive aftermath demolished rural efficiency in the neighborhood district. The loss of life was no less than 71,000 individuals (the most fatal ejection in written history), of whom 11,000– 12,000 were murdered straightforwardly by the emission; the regularly refered to figure of 92,000 individuals executed is accepted to be overestimated.The emission made worldwide atmosphere peculiarities that incorporated the wonder known as “volcanic winter”: 1816 ended up known as the “Year Without a Late spring” due to the impact on North American and European climate. Agrarian harvests fizzled and domesticated animals kicked the bucket in a significant part of the Northern Half of the globe, bringing about the most exceedingly terrible starvation of the nineteenth century.

Amid a removal in 2004, a group of archaeologists found social stays covered by the 1815 ejection. They were kept flawless underneath the 3 m (9.8 ft) profound pyroclastic stores. At the site, named the Pompeii of the East, the relics were saved in the positions they had involved in 1815.

Mount Tambora trekking is exceptional for propel trekkers (for the individuals who are amateurs ought to have enough arrangement ahead of time, exercise and running), our trekking trip begin from Lombok island cross with ship to Sumbawa Island and with auto drive through Sumbawa to the trekking point at Desa Pancasila. Along the drive is wonderful nature and scene.


Day 01: Lombok – Sumbawa Besar, stay medium-term

Pull back at a young hour in the day to Kayangan harbor to get Open ship to Pototano port, Sumbawa.

From Pototano port continue with drive to Sumbawa Besar Administer for 3 hours, stop here for medium-term at Sumbawa Besar City. Dinner and rest

Day 02   : Sumbawa Besar – Desa Pancasila – Way door – Pos 1

early morning continue with the trip to Desa Pancasila and connect toward the night.

After lunch start trek to Way Entryway (Pintu hutan Tambora) abour 30 minutes from Pancasila Town, take some rest, check up and water refill.

Trek keep on pos 1 for 3 hours, accomplish the campground of Pos 1 and set up the tent.

Medium-term at Pos 1 out of tent.

Day 03:   Pos 1 – Pos 5 – Cemara Tunggal campground,

Early morning start trek to Pos 2 for 2 hours, check up and water refill and continue with trek Pos 3 for 2,5 hours, stop for lunch here. After lunch continue with trek to the campground at Cemara Tunggal. Arrive late night, set up tent and medium-term

Day 04:  Cemara Tunggal – Mount Tambora Summit – Desa Pancasila (B.L.D

Summit strike start at 04.00 and accomplish the best around 05.30 stay at the summit and sitting tight for the sun rise. After sun rise slide back to the campground, breakfast and rest.

After breakfast dive back to Desa Pancasila, lunch in transit. The trek finish around 5 PM, stay in Guest House at Desa Pancasila

Day 05: Desa Pancasila – Sumbawa Besar – Lombok

Early morning pull returnt to Sumbawa to get open ship at Pototano port for Lombok island, meet up around evening time. Lunch and dinner in transit
Package Price/person (min 2 person)

Group 2 person : USD 685/person

Group 4 – 6 persons : USD 450/person

Price include :

  • Full board meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner during the trip)
  • 1 night accommodation in Sumbawa Besar
  • 1 night accommodation in Guest House at Desa Pancasila
  • Trekking Guide
  • Porter to carry logistic
  • Transportation during the trip
  • Return ferry Lombok – Sumbawa
  • Entrance fees
  • Tent, sleeping, mattress
  • Drinking water
  • Food Tree Time A Day
  • Entrance Fee Ticket


  • Tips for Porter, Guide and driver, Laundry, Phone calls and any personal expenses
  • Ticket Flight.
  • Shoes.
  • Jacket.
  • Tips For Porter And Trekking Guide.
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