Hiking Pegansingan Hills

Exploring The Unique Scenery In Sembalun Villages. Where You Can Enjoyed Amazing Sunrise And Amazing Beauty Of Nature From The Hill Of Pegansingan.

Sembalun Villages Is The One Of The Fascinating Place With Larges Savanna And The Only One Village That Is Decorated By Several Beautiful Hills And Now Is Become Famous For Attractions As Hiking And Camping And One Of The Best Part To Watch The Sunrise And Sunset In The East Lombok.

The Camping Spot At The Top Of Pegansingan Hills, With Rice Terraces Views, The Top Of Mount Rinjani and Enjoy the Beauty of the Savanna Landscape which is very vast and amazing.


Pegansingan hill is one of the most impressive soft trek program in East North Lombok Island to enjoy unique beauty of nature landscape, this program is suitable for non Trekkers to enjoy the sunrise and camping.

The stunning natural scenery, rice terraces, the foggy Sembalun village is enhanced by the view of Mount Rinjani. Pergasingan hill is located on a hill north of the Sembalun Village with 1,700 MTR above sea level, usually some visitors use this places for make exercise before Trekking to Mountain Rinjani, and this place is the one best options for trekking when the national park close. but sometime this hill has been in use for an extreme sport such as paragliding, mountain exercise for marathon etc. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery and amazing sunrise on the top Pergasingan Hill, also known as paradise for photographers.


Day 1

Pick At The Airport Or Harbour Around Lombok Or In Mataram City, Check in At Hotel, This Tour Available Starting From Senggigi, mataram, kuta Lombok Or Directly From The Airport.

Day 1
Meet with our Hiking Team as porter and Trekking guide at hotel if you Over night at Sembalun or Senaru Villages. Or Meet Driver At Hotel’s Lobby If Staying At Senggigi Or Bangsal harbor, Tluk Nare Harbour If You Start From Gili Island smooth drive to Sembalun for approximately 2-3 hours.
This Is Soft Trek We Allowed You Start Trek At Meet Day 12 O’clock Or 2 Pm In Noon. Before Trek Every Trekkers Available To Visited To Another Object To Visit Local Plantation At Sembalun Rice Terraces.
Trek To Pegansingan Is Not To Difficult Like Hike To Mount Rinjani But Some Part Are Steep For One And Half Hour And For One Hours Are Easy To Walk At The Ridge Of The While Take Photographs.
After Reach The Pegansingan Hill The Porter Will Building The Tent, Private Toilet Tent And Provide A Meal For Dinner At Campaig And Enjoy The Dinner Time While You Enjoy The An Amazing Sunset From Campsite.
Night Time You Have To Provides Your Own Camera To Take Night Landscape To Get Great Moment To Take Milky Way Stars.

Day 2
Weak up At 6 O’clock In Morning Time To Take Sunrise Picture And The Rice Filed, Enjoy The Hot Durink Breakfast And Back Down To Sembalun Villages Where The Transport Waiting You And Bring Your To Your Next Destination Around Lombok Island.

2 PAX Rp 1.600.000/person
4-6 PAX Rp 1.000.000/person
8_up Rp 800.000/person

Package including
✓ Hotel In Senaru Or Sembalun
✓ Trekking Guide With English Language.
✓ Hiking Poter
✓ Food And Water Drink
✓ Trekking Equipment
✓ Transport Pick up And Transfer Back
✓ Ticket Entrance Fee
✓ Porter
✓ Trekking Equipment
✓ Cooking Gear